PinExt - The DJI Mavic Pro is an amazing Camera Drone

The Mavic Pro quadcopter camera drone is an amazing piece of technology. Many people may be surprised how far camera drone and quadcopter technology has come.

The Mavic Pro has a 24-core processor and is capable of following the user or any object. There are a number of programmable following modes. The Mavic can intelligently respond to hand signals by taking video or other actions. The unit has almost 30 minutes of flight time, can fly around 40 miles per hour and has a flying range of over 4 miles before radio communication becomes difficult. All these features were practically impossible for a personal drone only a few years ago.

The Mavic Pro has a 12 Megapixel, 4K video camera mounted on a 3-axis mechanical gimbal system for great aerial videos. What is really great about the Mavic, and many of the next generation of camera drones, is the ability to see in real time, video from the quadcopter POV – either on a smart phone screen, controller… or even an optional VR headset!

This is really the ultimate toy for big boys and girls. It’s certainly not for younger children, and while easy to fly, there is a bit of a learning curve before mastering all the many features and functions.

The Mavic Pro is great for outdoor enthusiasts who would like to explore different terrains from a bird’s eye view. The amazing videos that can be made and shared on social media sites are sure to get a huge number of likes and shares. Oh, and the Mavic even has a share on Facebook Live function.

You can see all the many features and functions of DJI’s Mavic Pro here.