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The corporations that render your internet access have long predicted fate because of the current net neutrality regulations.

On Wednesday, an association of tech monsters plummeted a new report that basically mentions those internet providers are full of it. And they even included some fairlies charts to back that up.

ISPs argue that they won’t continue to build out expensive broadband networks if they can’t be assured that it’s going to be profitable. Those corporations claimed that the net neutrality rules would do merely that.

However, the following chart below shows how much money internet providers have spent on their networks. Notice it continues to go up.

Image: Internet association

The maps come to us from Internet Association, a trade group made up of many of the most difficult tech corporations, including Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Snap, Spotify, Uber, and more.

“ISP investment is up over day, and shows no deterioration as a result of Title II reclassification in 2015, ” the Association wrote in its preliminary findings.

There’s a lot of jargon in there, but translated it means that the Association detected no evidence that the widely-celebrated net neutrality rules of 2015 did anything to damp investment in broadband. Those corporations had basically made empty threats.

The report arrives a day before the Federal Communications Commission which under President obama threw the existing net neutrality rules in place is scheduled to vote on a proposal to roll back those rules. The change is a result of the election of President Donald Trump, where it was appointed avowed anti-net neutrality commissioner Ajit Pai as chairman.

After that poll, there will be another period of discussion, which is expected to get contentious. The Association’s report furnishes a bit of ammo for that fight. It claims that none of the downsides of net neutrality, such as a decline in invention, have come to fruition

Image: Internet association

And there are even more maps to back that up. Telecom corporations( which provide internet access for your smartphone) claimed net neutrality would lead to less innovation. The Association noted that patent applications increased more than 50% from 2010 to 2012.

Image: Internet association

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