PinExt - Airline to charge you a $30 fee to bring your baby on flight

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As if traveling with your child wasn’t hard enough, an Australian budget airline has started accusing mothers to wing with their infant on their lap.

Jetstar demonstrated it would begin accusing a $30 fee for small children under two years old for each domestic leg that’s $60 for a return flight with your child in their worst nation. It also noted it would begin accusing an extra $10 on international travelling, which brings the total fee to $50.

In good news, you can take four extra items of carry on for that quantity such as prams, cots and highchairs so at least you are getting something for your hard-earned money.

The company said the fees bring it in line with the other inexpensive airline in the local market, TigerAir, which also accuses a $30 fee for infants. Larger local carriers Virgin and Qantas don’t have a child fee for domestic flights but charge 10 percent of the full fare for international flying.

To be fair, the extra fees are still less costly than the costs associated with taking your tot on many international airlines, which also accuse 10 percent of the full adult price.

So no matter where you are in the world, traveling with a child is a total punish. Have a heart, Jetstar.

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